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Why ServeVita?

ServeVita comes from the verb serve, "to provide duties and services for" and the Latin noun vita which means "life".  When put together, these words go to the heart of what we stand for: Serving Others, Fulfilling Life.

The ServeVita Advantage is twofold:  

The first is that we are completely committed to “serving” our clients. This is the foundation of our team. We seek to build a strategic partnership with each of our clients that provides them with the best tools to achieve their organizational goals.  We provide end-to-end solutions that capture our clients’ unique culture and practices, reduce wasted resources, and establish efficient processes.


Secondly, ServeVita's consultants are effective translators between our clients and the solution technology. ServeVita employees have over 20 years of experience with the Unit4 Business World ERP platform and have been involved with the Sabre CentralCommand solution since its inception in 2001. Our product knowledge, along with our industry knowledge, is made fully available to our clients, in exchange for the ability to advance our understanding further by listening and learning from our clients' experiences and knowledgebase.


With his many years of experience in the finance and travel industry, Danny Eldridge had a calling to create a new kind of ‘consulting culture’ and thus, in 2015, he founded ServeVita. Cultivating strong relationships with current software vendors and developers has enabled Danny to position ServeVita to be a strategic partner with innovative solution providers like Unit4, Sabre and Ancile. ServeVita has since grown to 13 team members, who are all passionate about helping people utilize technology resources that add to the business life cycle, and create a better experience for both the business and their employees. ServeVita's head office is located in Watauga, Texas, but our consultants happily travel to locations throughout the world. 



Knowledge Sharing

Establishing independent clients 


Put our clients' needs first 


Do the right thing, always

Innovative Problem Solving

Have a reputation for 'MacGyver Moments'


Treat our clients' businesses as if they were our own


Here today, here tomorrow 


Get it done

8321 Whitley Road, Suite 100,  Watauga, TX 76148, USA

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